She first travelled to India to complete her yoga teacher training and then moved to the Dominican Republic. There she spent her days living her passions for yoga and anything with a circus arts flare (especially hoop dance). She performed on the beach with her LED & fire hoops, trained in aerial yoga and silks, and became a true acro yoga junkie. After getting a taste of working remotely, and realizing the sun and beach is where she’s meant to be, her temporary travel break quickly turned into a full nomadic lifestyle.



Going down what everyone believes “is the right path,” Nikki dove into the corporate world for 8 years, becoming a Chartered Accountant (CPA, CA certified) and working at PwC Toronto. After working crazy hours for as long as she could remember, she woke up one day and felt like everyone around her was in a trance. Their focus was LIVING TO WORK rather than WORKING TO LIVE. She decided that wasn’t going to be the rest of her life and left the corporate world to follow one filled with her passions.



Growing up with a spiritual mother, Nikki truly believes in the practice of mindfulness. She is a huge advocate for gratitude work and believes that there are a few mindfulness practices that everyone can do on a daily basis that will allow them to live a happier, more fulfilled life.


Born in Venezuela and raised all over, Steph lived a nomadic lifestyle long before understanding what that even meant. Having moved around and attended 14 schools in 14 years, Steph developed a thirst for living new experiences and seeing as much of the world as possible from a young age.


During her travels Stephanie stumbled upon the AcroYoga community and what began as a physical practice has quickly grown into a practice that offers her a deep sense of connection, balance, strength, joy, and possibility.

Stephanie is passionate about spreading the joy of yoga and acro far and wide: "There is nothing more addictive than facilitating first-time-flyer smiles!" She is now a digital nomad and has been parachuting into places to distill their essence into life experience for over a year now (and counting).  



She is a yoga student, advocate, and teacher. After undergoing 2 YTT’s, she came to realize the benefits of yoga go far beyond physical fitness. In her classes, she encourages her students to listen to their bodies, while focusing on their breath as they work towards feeling the right alignment; “I like to challenge my students to develop strength, flexibility, and inner awareness.” She recognizes yoga as a moving meditation, a tool which ALL individuals can use to reconnect with their physical body, quiet their mind, and attain a state of balance.



After 6 months of being a beach bum, he got back into software development, this time remotely, allowing for a long-term nomadic lifestyle.



 Trained by society to be a good boy, Dejan studied computers and all the related geeky stuff. Even before finishing his studies, he got an office job in IT.

His life had good cash flow, but serious lack of passion. His need for more led him to wakeboarding back in 2005. In 2008 he got into kiting and windsurfing simultaneously.  

By 2010 Dejan couldn't take any more of the no-beach, no-wind office life and so he set sail for Brazil to cultivate his water sports skills.


He hasn't settled since. The individualism in extreme sports sparked Dejan’s desire for something community-driven, which led him to dancing in 2016 (Brazilian forro and Argentine tango) and AcroYoga in 2017.


Patrick Farrell is from New York City but has been traveling the world for the past couple years as a photographer and software engineer.  He is currently based in Brooklyn but in May of 2016, Patrick quit his job in Manhattan as a software engineer.  He booked a one way ticket to Cartagena, Colombia to board the Nomad Cruise, that event changed his life forever and taught him all the skills that he wants to share with you in Brazil.


Patrick believes that you can live a life of passion and enjoy your career while making money doing something you love! You will have full access to Patrick during this trip to learn about how to take and edit photos, make videos, write software or anything else you might be interested in about building a business online.


During that first Nomad Cruise, he learned lots about photography, videography, social media, and building businesses from other like-minded entrepreneurs.  Over the next year, he traveled Europe, Thailand, and Bali while building his photography, video and software portfolio.