a week to reset: join us to find renewed energies and focus

December 10th - 16th

Are you burnt out from a grueling 9-5? Are you joining us after the Nomad Cruise? Or, are you simply overdue on a change of scenery?… Do yourself a favor and book time to retreat.

If you show up, we will provide you with the time and space to decompress. Everything will be taken care of: food, transportation, shelter and Wi-Fi... all you have to do is focus on YOU.

For the cruisers: By December 10th we will have spent almost 3 weeks surrounded by A LOT of people in an atmosphere of sensory and information overload. We have also noticed the minutiae of planning ongoing travel can become extremely overwhelming, particularly after taking part in an all inclusive journey. So, after the reunion, join us in Macarajaú for this Life in Balance retreat.


Retreat Details


The theme for this decompression week will focus on cultivating the curiosity necessary to find balance and playfulness in each and every day


There will be a lot of opportunities to search for and harness balance. Literally, (did someone say Acro, Kite-Surfing or plain-old-Yoga?). Most importantly, we hope to create the right space for you to find balance in your thoughts and emotions.


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The entirely private, lush and vast grounds with 24 hr security, are surrounded by tropical coconut trees and flowering native plants. Both properties include swimming pools, multiple BBQ & bar areas, jacuzzi, steam room, beach volleyball, pitch and a yoga shala, making for a splendid and relaxing escape.


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Insider tip: Brazil’s Rio Grande do Norte equatorial latitude ensures all year round sunshine, with temperatures averaging between 26-30°C. This region is fast becoming the must-discover destination for those in the know.  

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A Day in Your Life...

Wake up in the morning to savour a leisurely breakfast overlooking the ocean, next enjoy a morning yoga or kite class, stay in to get some work done, or connect with your new friends over podcasts, productivity, travel and bio hacks, or anything else your little heart desires.




Everyone knows a good jam session is followed by an even better Happy Hour, complete with wine, cheese, and charcuterie. The perfect setting to keep those personal connections with your tribe coming over a delicious dinner... and if the mood strikes, a game night or night out! 


 Rinse, wake up, repeat.

Your home for the week...

We have chosen two villas situated across from one another, conveniently located 150 meters from the beach inside a gated estate. Offering miles of pristine beaches and protected coral reefs, it has some of the best snorkelling and diving locations within walking distance. 


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A PERFECT setting...

For the setting, we have chosen Brazil’s undiscovered boho paradise, located just 6 hours 45 minutes from Europe’s mainland and a million miles from anything you’ve ever encountered.


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Maracajaú is an undiscovered gem with a thriving community, crystal clear ocean waters, and ideal climate conditions for kiting and scuba-diving...

Its frequent entrepreneurial and adventurous international travelers are a few of the many reasons Maracajaú is quickly becoming a new hot destination. 

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During lunch around our communal table, we'll dive into the workshop of the afternoon. At this time, we hope to spark your creativity and leave you buzzing with the electric energy of new ideas...  

In honor of balance, we’ll provide you with opportunities to release all the flowing energy during a sunset jam or sweat session!


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