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At Life In Balance, we strive to provide the space for you to decompress from the strain of long term travel and information overload. Slow down with us as we take the time to get back to basics: delicious food, great company, and good Wi-Fi :D

Oh... Did we mention daily sunrise/set Yoga and Acro Jams?

 Life In Balance - Brazil: Dec. 10-16


Life is Better in Balance

We get it. Being a digital nomad badass can be challenging. It's not the perma-vacation your family and friends at home think it is. It can be an isolating lifestyle if you don't have an in-person community of like-minded souls. The long hours and inconsistent shelter, resources, and food is exhausting. And that is without factoring in the push/pull of work and life balance...

We understand the importance of retreating from our "perma-vacation." We do our best to decompress and ground ourselves after long journeys… We have noticed this to be an essential step towards regaining focus and renewing energies.

This is why we have decided host and guide our first Decompression Week after Nomad Cruise 7. We will nurture our minds with workshops, mastermidnds and meditation, and we will nourish our bodies with physical practice and good food. Our only focus for the week will be finding balance and playfulness in each day.


Life In Balance is a retreat workation like no other. It is for, and created by, people who want the world.

We want adventure. We want to explore. We are people who work hard and play hard. We have created these unique trips to help people engage in an authentic and proactive way. We want to build solid friendships with those who understand our need for connection not only to ourselves, but to others, and to the world.